Sample menu

Day 1

Breakfast: quark with roasted pumpkin seeds and salad.
Second breakfast: Mediterranean salad with avocado and feta cheese
Lunch: delicate chicken fillet cooked with pumpkin seeds, courgette and colesław salad
Teatime: refreshing carrot salad
Dinner: potato salad with olive oil

Day 2

Breakfast: curd with sunflower seeds and peppers
Second breakfast: banana cocktail
Lunch: risotto with chicken and vegetables
Teatime: dietary cupcakes with bitter chocolate and sour cherry
Dinner: grilled bouquet of vegetables with pumpkin seeds

Day 3

Breakfast: germ salad with tomatoes and mollet eggs
Second breakfast: salad made of ribbed celery with apples and nuts
Lunch: veal stew with groats and carrot salad
Teatime: roasted pear with almonds
Dinner: pasta salad with tomato and olive oil

Day 4

Breakfast: a’la caprese salad with avocado and pumpkin seeds
Second breakfast: raspberry cocktail
Lunch: turkey breast with rice and vegetables
Teatime: fruit salad in jelly
Dinner: Humus paste with tomatoes

Day 5

Breakfast: quark with vegetables and pumpkin seeds
Second breakfast: cauliflower salad with garlic sauce
Lunch: roasted cod with broccoli served with potato
Teatime: apple in carrot jelly
Dinner: salad with couscous and vegetables

Day 6

Breakfast: salad with tomatoes, quark
Second breakfast: apple and pear mousse with nuts
Lunch: grilled bouquet of vegetables with tofu cheese
Teatime: orange juice, biscuits
Dinner: tortilla with beans and vegetables