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Sports diet is often a neglected element of active people lives. Remember that the hardest training and the most modern equipment will not work without a proper nutrition plan. The next aspect of a proper diet is suitable regeneration. If it is missing, the body is weakened, which results in injuries.


Day 1
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with dill and smoked salmon on a rocket with tomato slices and linseed oil. Tomato juice
Secondbreakfast: Protein cocktail of barley with dried apricot strips
Lunch: grilled chicken breast in curry with dill rice, sun-dried tomato and sauerkraut
Teatime: groat porridge with poultry-pepper- auberginelecsó
Dinner: millet with chicken and vegetables

Day 2
Breakfast: Mollet egg in avocado shavings with radish, rocket, courgette and pieces of grilled bacon. Beet juice
Second breakfast: protein cocktail with multigrain flakes and nuts
Lunch: wholemeal pasta with minced poultry meat with tomato puree and sauerkraut salad, BANANA
Teatime: roasted potatoes with dried tomatoes and chicken
Dinner: rice with tuna and olives in sunflower seed and pumpkin in red bean mousse

Day 3
Breakfast: cottage cheese with mango + tomato and pickled cucumber salad in coconut oil with chia and rice wafer. Fresh orange juice
Second breakfast: Protein cocktail with lamb groats and dried apricot
Lunch: poultry breast steamed in colourful pepper in capers with roasted fries in thyme and sauerkrautPLUMS
Teatime: baked salmon with broccoli-carrot mix and barley groats
Dinner: courgettes with rice and minced poultry meat in tomato and paprika mousse

Day 4
Breakfast: smoked mackerel and cottage cheese paste with pickled cucumber and rice wafer. Carrot juice
Second breakfast: protein cocktail with rice flakes, mangoes and almonds
Lunch: Baked turkey breast in curcuma with basmatii rice and sauerkraut. APPLE
Teatime: Grilled chicken breast in curry with cauliflower in pumpkin seeds and buckwheat groats
Dinner: Lentils with dried tomatoes, colourful pepper and egg

Day 5
Breakfast: Egg paste with avocado and dried tomatoes on lettuce with crispy bread. Grapefruit juice
Second breakfast: protein cocktail with pumpkin seeds and amaranth
Lunch: Moroccan chicken with rice. PEAR
Teatime: roasted cod with tomato mousse, baked potatoes with parmesan + pickled cucumber boatsin dill with olive oil
Dinner: buckwheat groats with mackerel and aubergine

Day 6
Breakfast: coconut omelette with dried tomato and parmesan. Vegetable juice with grains
Second breakfast: protein cocktail with cocoa, almond flakes and rice flakes
Lunch: poultry breast with millet in slices of dried apricots and vegetables with sauerkraut. MANGO
Teatime: salmon and broccoli risotto
Dinner: pasta salad with chicken and chickpeas in linseed oil

Day 7
Breakfast: fried egg in avocado chips with tomato salad in linseed oil. Beet juice.
Second breakfast: protein cocktail with rice flakes and figs
Lunch: poultry stew with courgette and red pepper on millet.PEACH
Teatime: roasted potatoes in thyme with smoked salmon and black olives
Dinner: buckwheat salad with olives and tomato in strips of roast turkey in curcuma

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Caloricity (kcal)

2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000

Period (days)

1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30


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